Top 10 BodyCraft Fitness Equipment And Things To Know

As one of the world’s leading fitness equipment providers, BodyCraft is becoming the first choice of many people. Their products all meet customer requirements in terms of quality and performance.

Top 10 BodyCraft Fitness Equipment And Things To Know
Things To Know

Top 10 BodyCraft Exercise Equipment

BodyCraft is your preferred supplier? Are you considering buying their equipment? Here is the list of top BodyCraft fitness equipment and things you need to know. Let’s get started!

Bodycraft Ellipticals

Bodycraft Ellipticals is one of the most prominent devices of this supplier. Many gym coaches commented that Bodycraft Ellipticals always reached the peak. They include a series of front and rear drive ellipticals for under $ 2000.

As of mid-2019, Bodycraft Ellipticals include ECT400g elliptical, elliptical ECT500g, ECT800g elliptical, ECT1000g elliptical and SCT400g seated elliptical. They all have unique designs, diverse features and are highly appreciated by users.


  •       Intuitive console.
  •       Heart rate monitoring is very effective.
  •       Low pedal height combined with pedal distance in a perfect way.
  •       Very solid design.
  •       There are many clear training programs.
  •       Smooth and quiet running motion.
  •       Built-in transport wheels which help you move the equipment easily.


  •       Lack of assembly.
  •       Lack of media compatibility.
  •       High prices.

In general, its training programs and personal options go far beyond what others offer.

Bodycraft Treadmills

Bodycraft has experienced a tremendous growth since it launched the last treadmill brand: The Bodycraft Blu Series treadmills. It is currently being sold a lot better than its predecessor. Even BodyCraft offers a 12-year warranty for their treadmill, instead of five years as before.

The three Bodycraft Blu Series treadmills are 200M, 400M, and 800M. 200M is mainly for walkers, 400M is more powerful, and 800M is perfect for runners. All of these models share a special cushioning system. Practitioners can apply one of six available levels of deviation and stiffness.

Besides, each type has an automatic tilt with pre-programmed training programs. Tracks for the 200M and 400M measure 58 ″ x 20 ″. The 800M has an extra-long 63 ″ x 20 ″ track.


  • All belts of these three Bodycraft Blu Series are high quality. They have two layers made of silicon to minimize maintenance needs and 2.5 “rollers and large bearings to increase the life of the equipment.
  • The maximum speed of 200M, 400M and 800M is 10 mph, 11 mph and 12 mph respectively. Each time can start at a rate of 0.5 miles per hour and can increase to 0.1 miles per hour. Data can be displayed in miles or kilometers.
  • The Bodycraft Blu Series has kinetic dampers underneath the tracks. You can easily adjust them to get the proper combination of stiffness and cushioning.
  • An automatic tilt is provided for each model, up to 10%, 12% and 15%, depending on the unit.


  • Bodycraft Treatmills is quite large in size and cannot be folded for storage. The 800M measures 88″ long and 33″ wide. The 200M and 400M are just 5″ smaller in length.
  • Simplicity of the 200M is not diverse and preferred by users.

BodyCraft Exercise Bikes

When talking about BodyCraft Exercise Bikes, we have to mention its two main models: the Recumbent Exercise Bike and Upright Bike. They have different design and construction quality, but all offer similar bike motions.

If you have problems with age or health and need good back support, Bodycraft recumbent and upright bikes are the perfect choice for you. They have conveniently conveyed technological features (mainly large seats and backrests), supporting the lower back, reducing the impact on joints and legs.


  •       Wide pedal.
  •       You can easily and quickly assemble them.
  •       The seat is wide and comfortable.
  •       Good warranty.
  •       Great resistance.
  •       Sturdy and stable frame.
  •       There are many interesting and clear training programs.
  •       Smooth pedal movement.
  •       Good price.


  •       Lack of multimedia compatibility.
  •       Lack of online connection.
  •       No cooling fan.

BodyCraft Rowing Machines

Talking about the rowing machines, BodyCraft offers three advanced models, VR400 Pro rowing machine, VR400 Pro Rowing Machine and VR200 Pro Rowing Machines. They are known for their high performance, good warranty, efficient features and reasonable prices. Basically, they are completely suitable for residential and commercial purposes.


  •       The heart rate monitor function works very well.
  •       Good contour seats with heavy bearings.
  •       Steering wheel is designed reasonably and conveniently.
  •       Magnetic resistance.
  •       Sturdy design.
  •       Can be folded.
  •       Foot straps can be adjusted with a commercial footrest
  •       With wheels, you can easily move equipment.


  •       Lack of Assembly
  •       Lack of multimedia compatibility.
  •       Lacks many storage accessories.

BodyCraft Spacewalker Treadmill

Bodycraft Spacewalker treadmill is a revolution in the fitness industry. It’s small and has an LCD screen that helps you keep track of all the information about your speed, distance, calories, heart rate and time. Perhaps you will be surprised to know that it is suitable for both beginners and coaching professionals.


  •       Create a feeling of comfort for the practitioner.
  •       Can be folded.
  •       Multifunction.
  •       Not causing much noise.
  •       Beautiful and exquisite design.
  •       High mobility.
  •       Easy to move because it is rather light.
  •       No need for lubrication.


  •       The tilt cannot be adjusted.
  •       Small track.
  •       The engine is ineffective.
  •       There are not many training programs.

BodyCraft HFT Body Trainer

BodyCraft HFT Body Trainer is an endless change in resistance as well as exercise. The main features of this equipment include books containing more than 70 exercises, many training accessories (DVDs, long bars with ball bearing ends, triceps Rope, ankle cuff, 2 chains, sport stick with bearings, and integrated multi-grip chin Bar), cables, and frameworks.

This equipment is perfect for a home gym. Its features are perfectly suited to every family member.


  •       There is a book attached to show a variety of exercises.
  •       Sturdy build.
  •       Can handle user weight up to 400 lbs.
  •       Reasonable price (only about $ 2000).
  •       Adjustable cable and pulley.
  •       Exclusive warranty.


  •       Lack of assembly.

BodyCraft SPR Indoor Training Cycle

When it comes to current leading indoor cycles of BodyCraft, SPR Indoor Training Cycle is the best. You will be surprised because it has 16 levels of resistance and multi-force steering. Unbelievable!

This equipment training cycle is provided from a very famous brand. Besides, it can also support practitioners with weight up to 350 lbs. It can be said that it has everything you need.


  •       The saddle is comfortable and adjustable.
  •       The pedal is quite wide (9 “x 16”) with adjustable toe cage.
  •       Accelerate smoothly without causing much noise.
  •       Good warranty.
  •       You can monitor heart rate remotely.
  •       Energy saving.
  •       Easy to move because of the wheels attached.
  •       There is friction resistance brakes.
  •       There is a water bottle holder.


  •       Lack of assembly.
  •       Lack of multimedia compatibility.
  •       The design is quite big and bulky.

BodyCraft SPT CR Indoor Training Cycle

Many trainers say that the SPT CR Indoor Cycle BodyCraft is equipped with the excellent features that no other equipment has. You can choose one of its 16 resistance levels. Besides, its design is suitable for both office and apartment space.

With its advantages and disadvantages mentioned below, we affirm that BodyCraft SPT CR Indoor bike is one of the best equipment in the price range of under $ 1,000. It suits all the needs of family members.


  •       Sturdy build.
  •       The seat is wide and comfortable.
  •       Wide pedal with aluminum toe cage.
  •       There is a water bottle holder.
  •       Quiet operation.
  •       The level of resistance varies.
  •       High weighted flywheel.
  •       Very good warranty.


  •       Lack of assembly.
  •       The training program is not diverse.

BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Training Cycle

Few people know that Bodycraft SPX Indoor Training Cycle is one of BodyCraft’s primary models. It has very high quality with effective weight flywheel, high performance saddle, bearing steel frame, friction-brake resistance, and more.

Despite being one of the basic models, it fits both residential and commercial purposes. Not only that, it meets all your expectations for features, specifications and smooth operation. It can support users with up to 350 lbs.


  •       The seat is wide and comfortable (0.5 ″ L x 6.75 ″ W).
  •       Wide pedals with adjustable toe cage.
  •       Machine size suitable for office space and apartments.
  •       Good warranty.
  •       Anti-friction brakes.
  •       Easy to assemble.
  •       Self-generating mechanism.
  •       With wheels, you can easily move equipment
  •       There is a water bottle holder.
  •       The intuitive control panel is easy to use.


  •       Lack of assembly.
  •       Lack of multimedia compatibility.
  •       The design is quite big and bulky.

BodyCraft PFT V2 Home Gym

Bodycraft PFT V2 Home Gym is a multifunctional equipment, consisting of two D-handles, two chains, and an ankle cuff. It is quite small but capable of providing you with a high level of exercise. It’s great that Bodycraft PFT V2 Home Gym meets the training needs of both beginners and professional coaches. That’s why it is mentioned in the Top BodyCraft fitness equipment list.


  • Excellent build.
  • Variable resistance.
  • Provide diverse exercises.
  • Good warranty.


  • Lack of assembly.
  • No pre-defined training programs.
  • Price is quite high.


There, you just have learned about the Top BodyCraft fitness equipment. Hopefully the above information can help you easily make the final decision. Wish you a good day!

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