What Is Low Impact Exercise Equipment? All Things You need

Low impact exercises give an extensive workout without affecting your knees and joints. The article, therefore, will help you choose the best low impact exercise equipment that suits your fitness needs. Exercises keep your heart and lungs active and healthy with a sharp mind and toned muscles.

Low impact exercises allow you to work while saving your joints. Due to an increasing number of people working out at home more equipment options has continued to increase in the market to accommodate their needs.

What Is Low Impact Exercise Equipment
Low Impact Exercise Equipment

Whether you are a rower, cycle, or use an elliptical machine or treadmill, you can find the tools that fit your budget as well as your fitness goals. Even on the broader category, some machines range from high tech to primary home machines. Despite the availability of the machines, they have their pros and cons that you should consider before deciding which machines fit your exercise.

Types of Low-Impact Exercise Equipment


Even though the machines are not thought to be of low impact typically, but you can’t beat them if walking is your preferred workout. However, basic models do not last for over six miles in an hour. For low impact what exercise, you do not need continuous power motor. However, you can increase the intensity by increasing the speed of the treadmill while inkling it. Doing so, however, may give your work out more impact that you may want. Treadmills have features that will keep you comfortable, relaxed and entertained here are a few things you need to consider in treadmills

Fans that are built in the treadmill’s control panel to blow directly into your face to make you comfortable while working out.

Treadmills have speakers that bump up the volume with USB ports that let you watch and listen to your favorite shows while exercising

Treadmills occupy an ample space; foldable models occupy less space and can be stored underneath your bed. However, the foldable treadmills may not have features and speed of traditional treadmills

  • Treadmills have heart rate monitors that keep on track of your intensity workout
  • A display is an essential feature that shows speed, distance covered, and time is taken. Therefore a display that has all the bells and whistles shows steps, heart rate and incline while other high-end models have touch screen display for easy use
  • Preset programs help to change your pre-program workout by challenging your muscles in different ways which is an excellent way to keep the muscles guessing

2.Rowing Machines

Rowing machines provide a vigorous workout that targets the lats, abs, biceps, quads, calves, and glutes. Rowing is an extensive whole body workout. The best thing about the exercise is that there is little pressure on the knees ankles keeping it low impact.

Rowing machines are classified into the type of resistance they offer that is magnetic, water, flywheel, and hydraulic strength. Water and flywheel rowing machines provide a workout that is similar to rowing. Even though rowing machines are necessary, it is essential to consider the following factors

Foldability and Size

Exercise machines are known to occupy ample space. If you have a shortage of square footage in your gym, then a foldable rowing machine is suitable for you. However, it is essential to remember that fixed models are more durable.


Rowing machines with handlebar and contoured seats and rubberized grips are more comfortable to use. Adjustable footrests with straps allow multiple users to row comfortably

Resistance Type

The magnetic resistance rowing machines are quiet and smooth, making it a better choice for first-time Rowers. On the other hand, air and water are essential for training for the rowing competition. Hydraulic rowing provides substantial whole body workout. Ultimately rowing machines that have adjustable resistance are the best for families

Monitor and Console

Not all rowing machines have a monitor. However, there are those that have track starts this speed, distance, strokes, time, and number of calories burned.

3. Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent bikes relieve the pressure in the knees, back, and ankles. They are also useful in doing hands-free exercises so that you can use your phone to read a book while working out.

Features on consider in recumbent exercise bikes


Seats make it different in your comfort. Proper ventilation and thick padding are essential elements of adjustability and versatility of the bike. The more adjustable seats, the more comfortable you feel

Handles and hand pedals

Recumbent bikes have an armrest that is next to the seat than in front. Few models have hand pedals that are essential for full body workout

Heart Rate Monitors

The heart rate monitors found at the back of your handles are crucial to monitoring your workout intensity

Fans, Cup Holders, and Speakers

The features provide you with an enjoyable ride; however, they will not make you more fit.


The impact is a force that allows the body to get in contact with the ground when you are exercising. When you have a joint problem or have other body complications, high impact exercise can put you at risk of doing more harm to your body than good. Therefore the above discussed top low impact exercise equipment is functional and can give you functional workout without worrying about the outcome of high impact pounding.

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